Leash skills class

This is a 6 week class being held at The Right Paw in Princeton on Sundays at 11:15 a.m. starting March 1, 2020. Class is $195.00 to be Venmoed to me

AmandaBillingham or email me at [email protected] for an address to mail a check. Must be paid in full to hold spot for class. Spots are limited. 

Leash skills :

What everyone wants most is to be able to walk their dogs nicely on leash.

In these sessions we will work on handling your dogs on leash and increasing different distractions to prepare you for real life walks.

We will play games that allow your dogs to practice walking by other dogs, being around new people and learn how to redirect their focus back on you. All while practice basic skills that they may already know and challenging them.

Things being covered

Being able to walk by another dog calmly without pulling towards the other dog. 

Being able to sit calmly when another dog walks by.

Being able to walk without reacting to noises like cars toys music clapping

Focusing on your handler instead of everyone else. 

Being able to heel and being able to loose leash when your allowed to smell etc

you'll take a basic attention word (which you will choose) how to tell your dog when it's time to pay attention on the walk (let's go) and when it's time to sniff and be free as well as marker training (yes/no/get it).  And go over management techniques for when you encounter real life obstacles where the dog pulls.