Puppy Play Group

This class is geared for 8 through 20 WEEK OLD PUPPIES and their whole family.

(as are all of our classes)

This class will be a drop in class template.

In your one hour session you will also learn about Dog Behavior;

The Good ~The Bad ~ The Ugly

Educating you to be able to go forward confidently into 'the world' with your new addition.

We will be certain to touch on other subjects, due to the nature of the group, such as housebreaking advice, body language, safe toys, use of positive reinforcement/lure and reward techniques...

ultimately building confidence for your pups!

This class shall prove to be great fun for all ... and dare we say...

"creating a sleepy pup certainly doesn't hurt either."

Reserve your spot in Puppy Play time by;

Emailing [email protected] or by calling The Right Paw!

We require a 3 pup minimumper class.We also have a maximum of 8 pups allowed.

These minimal/maximum quantity requirements are based on providing a proper and safe socialization experience for all!

We also will need to see proof of age appropriate vaccinations upon entrance.

Class Fee $20.00 cash at the door

Class will be canceled by 9:15 AM on the day of the class if we do not meet our minimum quantity of pups.

Cancellations will be posted on The Right Paw Face Book page